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Testimonials from current and past Hub members

RAF Regt (62)

I am a 62 year old RAF Regiment veteran, who was referred to PTSD Resolution, by the March Armed Forces and Veterans Hub, as I had said at one of the weekly meetings I was having flash backs and increased anxiety following a bad flashback experience in Belgium whilst on a WW1 tour.  The background being I was blown up on an exercise on the North Yorkshire Moors in February 1978, and was diagnosed by Combat Stress in August 2008 with PTSD, anxiety and depression.
I was trying to put a brave face on things, to those who saw me, but, in reality I knew that the flash back I had had of being blown up, had affected me more than I admitted, and it was only on my second visit to the Hub that I admitted to not being in a good place mentally, and explained about the flash back in Belgium, and felt that I needed to get help, and was given a PTSD Resolution leaflet, and asked if I was happy to be referred, I was more than happy to have a branch to grab hold of, and in a few weeks, which was amazing; I was seeing a lovely lady calked Dora, tin Downham Market, who introduced me to Human-Givens Therapy (HGT), which as someone who has had CBT, I was pleasantly surprised by how it helped me, over six therapy sessions; to place my Belgium experience in a better place, and to enable me to over those sessions overcome my anxiety, and better cope with my PTSD and bad sleep to a more capable level.  Whilst I still have poor sleep, I am thanks to PTSD Resolution have better nights, and I am never going to be free of my PTSD & depression, I know that if things start to get bad again, I have with PTSD Resolution and Dora, a safe haven I can go to.
I am so thankful to PTSD Resolution, and Dora, for the swift help they were able to give me, however, I am just as equally thankful to the March Armed Forces and Veterans Hub, for without their knowledge of, and referral to; PTSD Resolution, I would be in a much worse position regards my mental health, and I am very happy to endorse PTSD Resolution along with the Hub for their help and support, to any veteran who is in need of support and therapy in these trying times.