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Peterborough City Council & Cambridgeshire County Council are working with partners from Military, Public, Private, Voluntary and Charity sectors to support the Armed Forces Community in Cambridgeshire.
There are many disadvantages that come with military service which can affect not only the serving person but their families too and sometimes these disadvantages or experiences during service can remain with a person or family long after they have completed their service.

Are you a member of the Armed Forces Community?
In some circumstances, members of the Armed Forces Community do not realise they are members and this can stop them from reaching out for the support that they are eligible for. This could be someone who did National Service, didn’t complete Basic Training or a spouse or civil partner of a veteran amongst others. The following defines members of the Armed Forces Community that are covered by the Armed Forces Covenant.
Regulars – Individuals currently serving as members of the Naval Service (including the Royal Navy and Royal Marines), Army or Royal Air Force.
Reservists – Volunteer Reservists, who form the Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marine Reserve, Territorial Army and the Royal Auxiliary Air Force and Regular Reservists, who comprise the Royal Fleet Reserve, Army Reserve and Royal Air Force Reserve.
Veterans – Those that have served at least one day in HM Armed Forces, whether as a regular or reservist.
Their Families – The immediate family of the categories listed above. This is defined as spouses, civil partners and children for whom they are responsible, but can extend to parents, unmarried partners and other family members.
The Bereaved – The immediate family of Service Personnel and veterans who have died, whether or not that death has any connection with Service.
If so, you may be eligible for support from many national charities and support organisations.
Adult Cadet Instructors ¬– Adult Instructors that support Army, Navy, RM or Air Cadet Forces
Merchant Navy & BUK Fishing Fleets – The Merchant Navy and UK fishing fleets have always been called upon to provide support to both the UK Armed Forces and the Nation during wartime, other hostilities and military operations.